The vPipes-Uilleann is a unique musical instrument that emulates uilleann bagpipes and uses revolutionary technology resulting in a real life experience in terms of sound quality, fingering and ornamentations. It thus affords the possibility of practising accurately in a variety of situations that would prove impractical or impossible with a real set of pipes.

The pack includes:

  • 2 Emulation Mode sound banks - Leo Rowsome & Alain Froment chanters in C and D
  • Bass, baritone and tenor drone sounds
  • MIDI sound samples (256 instruments)(Optional)
  • Universal mains adapter and battery charger (EU wall plug)


Their level of expression (popping, portamento, vibratto) based on continuous sensor technology for the finger holes, bag pressure and popping, gives unique levels of realism currently unattainable with other electronic instruments.


For ease of use and portability, vPipes' built-in battery charger recharges the no-memory-effect Li-Ion batteries included with the instrument.

The vPipes is freestanding and independent. While travelling you may want to use standard earphones; if in a more permanent set up you can connect it to any type of speaker, amplifier or hi-fi system.

High quality sound

The built-in synthesiser affords the vPipes an optimum sound quality when using headphones, speakers or a fully fledged professional PA system.

The built in equalizer and sound effects (chorus, reverb, spatial, delay, etc...) will allow the player to modulate the sound in an infinite variety of ways without having to use any external equipment whatsoever.

The stereo characteristic allows the player to use the spatial effect to its full extent and also to balance the drones and chanter through individual channels. If on stage, this will allow the sound technician to treat the chanter and drones independently.


As and when The vPipes Project carries out changes and improvements to the firmware and sound-banks, these can be updated at any time.

Technical Details

  • 2 x High-performance, advanced RISC architecture main processors
  • Backlit Mini LCD Display
  • Continuous force sensor for realistic octave change emulation
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • In system battery charger
  • Integrated synthesizer
  • RISC-based digital signal processor (Synthesis/DSP)
  • High-quality wavetable synthesis
  • Serial MIDI in & out
  • Effects: Reverb + Chorus
  • Surround on two speakers with intensity/delay control
  • Four-band parametric equalizer